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The online media has almost filled the gap between big and small businesses, especially in the Hosting world. Traditionally big ones outpower their small competitors by investing hugely in traditional media. Now, as Internet and web hosting is affordable and within reach of budgets of small businesses. It is utilized efficiently to gain local and global customers. In this social media has come out as an essential tool for sharing product information and getting feedback or comments. With smartphones, it is easy to create videos or podcasts to disseminate valuable information., listing hosting companies and asking visitors to share their reviews, comments, feedback or experiences is getting much attention. The hosting companies are getting information about the issues that reflect poorly on their business. The companies are taking it positively, to resolve the problems regarding services and also appreciating feedbacks. Thus, helping them to recover former clients and attract new customers.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Live Chat Software Benefits

Live Chat Software Benefits

Various Uses and Advantages: Here is a list of the many ways that live chat software can improve a website and enhance the customer experience. Obviously, live chat is an alternative to a call center. It gives users a way to immediately resolve an issue. It is also much more efficient and cheaper than a call center. There is no need to have a lengthy series of option numbers for the customer to navigate. It is far easier to bring up a chat window or a pop-up window right then and there as the user is navigating the site. Hold time is also much shorter, which possibly saves many customers from abandoning their activity. Also, support staff can handle multiple conversations at once. This is one of the biggest reasons why live chat is so efficient.

Advantages that are real

  • When it comes to using live chat services as a help desk, efficiency between support staff is also increased. They can exchange ticket information more easily making it faster to get the customer the right support. They can check that the customer receives the right answers to his or her questions. Live chat also gives support staff a better understanding of a client's issues and needs. They can visually see what the customer or user is doing. Actually seeing the issue gives support staff a much better idea of the problem as opposed to just hearing about it.
  • Another perk to consider is a support staff member can twofold as a sales person. They know what a customer is looking for, and they can also see what kind of items it is that they are shopping for. So, a customer support agent can make additional purchasing suggestions to customers. You could even use live chat for this purpose alone. Every time a customer logs on and starts shopping, there is a support agent opening a pop-up chat to suggest additional items based on that customer's needs.
  • Many live chat services have great features such as, the ability to track the activity of a user. This gives the owners of the site a way to assess the behavior of their users. All website owners strive to make their sites as customizable as possible. This live chat feature is one of the best ways of doing that. Live chat software is still widely used by most retailers. Any website that does have live chat has a significant advantage because it makes the website much more attractive.
  • Last, there is the added benefit of reaching leads that would otherwise be unreachable. Using live chat software, Retailers and website owners can contact leads that are unreachable to them via email or phone.


The results are somewhat astonishing. Here they are.

  1. 38% of shoppers who had a live chat said that they made their purchases based on the conversation that they had.
  2. 90% say that live chat is helpful and that it improved their experience.
  3. 44% say that live chat is one of the best services a website can offer.
  4. 63% of online shoppers are likely to return to sites that have live chat. The same number of people says that they are likely to make a purchase from that site.

Overall, live chatters are six times more likely to make a purchase than nonchatters. is quite preferred software choice for people.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Live Chat Software Web based

Live Chat Software Web-based

  1. LIVECHAT- This offers Help Desk Software & Live Chat for business. It joins more than 14,000 companies from more than 140 countries and offers an amazing customer support.
  2. LIVEHELP- This is flexible & easy live chat software for website. In a single click, visitors visiting or browsing sites can have a chat with supporting representatives in real time.
  3. NABD- This is an Online platform for live chat between clients and customer care representatives for prompt, effective & satisfactory service.
  4. HIPCHAT- It permits chat privately & in a group with sharing of files & interactions.
  5. SMARTSUPP- It enables recording of visitors with live chat for free. It offers a free package having unlimited supporting representatives. It increases conversions till 500%, thereby improves the loyalty of clients.
  6. FRESHDESK- Live Chat solutions offered by Freshdesk assist in engaging website users proactively and to chat with them in real-time. These chats can be converted to tickets and can be transferred to other representatives in the team of customer care to assist those clients.
  7. USERLIKE LIVE CHAT – It offers Live chat for websites & mobile. It is able to work on any device, so it offers customer support everywhere, whether the client is browsing from their desktop, tablet, smartphone.
  8. FOCALSCOPE- Web-based live chat is offered with private & group mail management & mail threading.
  9. PURE CHAT- It assist in increasing the sales and generating more leads. It allows to add live chat and software to track the visitors visiting the site to engage better prospects.
  10. TIDIO CHAT- A mobile-friendly solution to contact the clients. Features it offers comprises a multilingual support, offline messaging & customized interface.
  11. CONTACTGATE - It is considered as one place to interact with customers for the entire business.
  12. CHATWEE SOCIAL CHAT WIDGET- It facilitates interaction between online communities members in real time.
  13. SNAPENGAGE - This live chat solution pulls data from social media sites & CRM systems to offer a complete view of customers.
  14. PROVIDE SUPPORT LIVE CHAT - It provides a solution to monitor the website, and Live help chat for online clients support. HELPCRUNCH – It is a platform where clients communicate with each other for web businesses & mobile with features like CRM, lead management & increased engagement.
  15. LIVEHELPNOW SUITE – It is a software dedicated to customer service with help desk features such as email/ ticket, live chat, call back and knowledge base.
  16. SUBIZ - An online live chat tool convert website into a real store with the effect of human touch.
  17. TAGOVA LIVE CHAT SOFTWARE- Web-based live chat software having features like file sharing, call recording, screen sharing, video call and analytics.
  18. HAPPY FOX - A Helpdesk ticketing software assists clients to remove the clutter and manage queries of customer service in a simple way from several channels.
  19. 1CLICK CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT SOFTWARE - A live chat solution offers Video+Voice+Text chat options and co-browsing to engage the live visitors.
  20. CONVERSITY - It adds the Live chat to mobile apps so as to increase the client's engagement.
  21. DRIFT - It is an app dedicated to communication which drives prompt customers acquisition with live chat and increases retention with this app messaging.
  22. LIVECALL - This software permits to communicate via voice with people, who are currently browsing the website.
  23. TOCTOC – It offers Web app & live video chat for business. It improves the customer support & campaigns for web marketing.

Live Chat Support Software Comparison

Live Chat Support Software for Comparison

Live Chat Support software allows online visitors to receive quick live help directly on pages of a website via a chatting widget. Many live chat software providers deliver a free plan, and around all have a trial period at free of cost. The comparison chart is made to compare different pricing plans having variety of live chat solutions. The free trial period enables user to test live chat software which is fit as per the requirement. It is very compatible for online shopping, eCommerce to help the customer to select items during the purchasing process. The chat software supports online store which has to be installed on the system. The web page gives information about live chat tools. It is made for small and medium sized enterprises.

Main factors of Live Chat Software

1. File Management. 2. CRM Integration. 3. Real-time monitoring. 4. Customer analysis. 5. Visitor tracking. 6. Chat functionality. 7. User activity monitoring.

Live Chat Software Services

Live Chat support has proved to customers to be a right solution for them. It keeps customer so happy and satisfied with more outstanding services regarding buying process. Live Chat is based on recent technology which is independent of 3rd party protocols. The desktop apps are made for Mac OSX and Windows. This software increases online sales and provides outstanding customer service. Live Chat can be added with 60+ services that involve Facebook, Google Analytics, and Zendesk. Some important applications are given below: This website provides live chat tools to small and medium-sized enterprises which are used to enhance their existing support structures. It is responsible for tracking online visitors to solve their problems and get separate place among the competitors. Their latest tool tester project began in November 2015 which is known as The team of app makers is available to create mobile apps for iOS and Android phones.

P3Chat: It is an easy live chat solution that supports Skype and Google Talk and also having 20+ language support. It has specialization to convert online visitors to customers and act as a tool for each sales person to be a sales ninja. The main advantage of this website is that a user can use single widget code on many websites without any restriction.

iAdvize: It is a chat solution that enables organizations to make interaction with their online visitors in real-time system. It is comprised of behavioral targeting engine, customized graphic design and multilingual support. The live chat software is available via click to call, click to video and click to chat. Customers can easily recommend this service on its own website also.

Live Chat Software Comparison

Netrox SC: It is live chat software which is made for real-time sales and customer support on website. It has free as well as paid versions which are available for users. A free trial period of 14 days is also available to test PRO features. This website powerful engagement system having unlimited engagement scripts for PRO subscription plan.

HeyBubble: It can track visitors in real-time system and linked them to chat that provides outstanding customer service. It allows user to ask query before buying on website. It offers an elegant non-intrusive chat that is linked in bottom corner of the organization’s web page for communication of users and owner.

Live Chat Software for Mobile

live chat software for mobile

Live Chat Software for Mobile

Live Chat Software is a very useful application for Android and IOS devices that involves all necessary features for communication. The application provides notification of new incoming chats until and unless user will sign out of system. It enables a user to run some chat software on Android/IOS phones. This app will keep in touch owner with website visitor anytime anywhere and enhance the customer’s availability. It targets for a mobile visitor chat in two step process. A user has to create rules and needs an invitation that complements the boundaries of mobile phones. An application named BoldChat involves innovatively designed mobile chat invitations to enhance customer engagement. When a user wants to start a chat by any means whether clicking on chat button or by accepting a mobile proactive invitation, then chat conversation on the visitor’s page.

Key factors of Live Chat Software

1. Administrative Controls. 2. User Controls. 3. Auto-Adjustments. 4. Achieving Intelligence. 5. Increase Operational efficiency. 6. Drive business. 7. Quick and easy to install.

Live Chat Software for Mobile Services

Live Chat Software deliver some experiences via seamless integration with iOS applications and an iOS/Android-optimized mobile sites. The implementation of the solution is fully connected within infrastructure by an application named “plug and play”. The features included are drive business, enhance operational efficiency and screen sharing. The customer information is necessary during viewing of product. Agents provide facility to user to give a display button in chat window so that they can get proper guidance of a particular page. Some important points are given below:

Kayako: It is more than a live chat. The team and customers can receive the conversation on user’s website and across real-time, channels, etc. It provides real-time service, quick answer of a query. It offers support to users as per the requirement. The agents recognize easily the visitor by getting over finish line and provide help as per they needed.

Userlike: It is available for website and mobile support. The important factors are usability and dedicated support which are provided to the user. The deployment of Google tag is possible via this application. It is an outstanding solution to sum up the necessary applications. It is integrated with the business tools t enhance the customer’s usability.

Zopim: The owner is stay connected with the website users who are using this app for Android phones. The notifications are displayed on the top of incoming chats and messages. The user can chat anytime with the owner as per the requirement to resolve the problem.

Some more Live Chat Software for mobile

BoldChat: This app is useful for a real-time list of users who are working currently on the website. The owner is able to invite visitors to see the referred information. This app is available on a store at price of $4.99. It is designed for mobiles to create rules.

Hipmob: It minimized the phone support by 60-70% that has importance for users to measure over many businesses. The company has received 50 fold to interact with the customer and also provide desired response by support executive. It is popular chat software which is able to resolve problems as per the requirement. The company provides SSL grade security to keep safe from suspicious worms. monitors from one admin account and design multiple accounts.

Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

Make customers happy with live chat support software

Live chat support software is the easiest and fastest way to connect and convert website visitors to customers. Determine customer issues faster by seeing what customer’s type (even before they send it) or what they are presenting on your website. Offer quality responses using readymade templates and records of predefined messages & greetings. Bring in experienced executives to help new agents and present quality responses to customers.

About Live chat software

Live chat software ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web application framework planned for web development to produce vigorously. It was developed by Microsoft to permit programmers for building dynamic websites, applications, and web services. The ASP.NET SOAP extension framework allows ASP.NET mechanism to process SOAP messages. is a re-implementation of ASP.NET as a modular web framework, in concert with other frameworks like Entity Framework.

Live Chat Customer Service Benefits and Advantages

When you set in Live Help to your industry website, it allows you to reduce customer service response time and boost customer satisfaction. The majority of companies fail to use their website proficiently to provide information right away to potential clients.

Adding Live Chat to your website provides the following benefits

By providing immediate assistance via. Live Chat you can increase your online revenue with higher conversion rates and larger order sizes. Start selling immediately by chatting to your customers that are online and browsing your website now. Adding Live Chat to your website provides the following reimbursement:

Live Help increases and builds customer trust and confidence in your businesses products and services. Clients are easily able to have their questions and concerns answered before they depart your website when using Live Chat.

Live Help customer support will enable your company to lessen the on the whole cost of providing customer service via. Toll-free telephone support lines within your conventional help desk system.

Live Chat allows your online customer service representatives to attend to your client's needs while they are browsing your website and before they quit guesting a competitor’s site. n award winning live chat software

Chatwoo is an award winning Live Chat Software for live help, live hold up, visitor tracking, and proactive chat support for your ASP.NET sites. It allows operators to chat with guests in real time. As a software based solution, there are no additional monthly fees, overhaul fees or per operator charges. It converts browsers into customers and delivers maximum ROI from every click-through to your business site.

Features which make Chatwoo the finest among all others

Create unlimited departments; allocate an unlimited number of operators to each department. It's not a host solution.

Upload your company logo and operator photo. Modify operator greeting and system messages. View visitor's IP address, host name, country, browser type, pages visited, referrer address, and extra information. This information will allow you to define your marketing strategies better. Transfer calls from one operator to the other, for example, transfer a customer from a sales assistant to a prop up operator or escalate a call from an operator to a manager. One operator can handle any number of chat sessions at the equal time. Each session runs in a separate room tab in the Operator Console. This "pro-active" feature allows you to automate/configure a timed chat request graphic to pop up on a specific page of your website after a designated time. This is great for inviting guests to chat who linger on a particular page for a while.

Live Chat Softwares for Customer Support

Live Chat Softwares for Customer Support

Live Chat Softwares for Customer Support

Live Chat is considered as one of the most popular option to interact with the clients and to offer fast answers to their queries, issues or any complaints, if they have. To deliver maximum clients satisfaction, Live Chat is the best option, better than phone or e-mails. Considering this, no. of Live Chat Softwares are available in the market, but the best ones who are dedicated to offer excellent customer support are only few.

So, here comes some of the best Live Chat Software for Customer Support.

  • LivePerson- The first software for live chat available on the web. It has a brand value and considered as very popular choice to meet the needs of live chat. But, it is quite expensive, it is offered at $99.99/month. It has a wide range of analytical tools, to convert clients into sales. Here one agent assigned to each and every customer, until their issue gets resolved.
  • Comm100 Live Chat- It is designed in a simple manner. It offers plugins to manage the content. It is customizable so that it can be fit as per the style and brand. It permits clients to assign the rating to chat operators.
  • BoldChat- It has various tiers of live chat software which depends on the size of business. Its price ranges from $99 to $999 and changes year to year. A free option is also offered here. Visitors are not tracked and do not permit to customize the chat window.
  • Kayako Fusion - A Supporting desk company offers a wide range of services designed around the clients. It is a live chat product integrates a helpdesk solution. It offers chat records & keeps the history of the conversation. There are no. of live chat programs, buttons, and windows of live chat which can be customized and fit in with clients unique style & branding. It offers a lot of information, data in detail & analytics. It is dedicated to businesses operating on global level & to larger companies. It offers an excellent customer service via Live Chat.
  • LiveHelpNow- It offers everything which a client wish in one full package. It provides a complete live chat solution to its customers. It integrates with Google Adsense, Google Analytics, and Salesforce to assist clients to build on their prior experience of platform. It permits live chat operators to access Twitter or Facebook profile of customers to know, whether client searched for the company earlier or not. There is a function named Whisper, it proves invaluable if new supporting representatives are trained. To resolve the issues of customers in a very less span of time, it permits operators, starters & administrators to whisper to each other. It also has a request option of mobile chat which alert clients via email or text message that their customer has some query. Now a chat window will be opened by a client on his mobile phone. Overall, it is considered as an ideal choice for small to mid-size businesses, which is user-friendly & never compromise on features.
  • WebsiteAlive – This is primarily meant for Small businesses. WebsiteAlive combines proactive chat, mobile and real-time email notifications with full options of customization without any coding. It is an excellent choice for owners of several sites. The price of software is $69.95, more expensive than other options.

Live Chat Software India

Live Chat Software India

Join website visitors all over India and get extra leads

What improved customs to offer them help then through a quick chat on your website? It’s way quicker than email and more competent than a phone. Don’t make your clients wait. One live chat software agent talks ten times extra than the phone agent. Make Live Chat your go-to client service device within minutes.  Live Chat Software India is a successful client service and sales tool for your website all over India and other countries too, that enables visitors to instantaneously communicate with your personnel. Guests to your website merely click a Live Help button and are linked with one of the representatives. Representative then assists the visitor by providing information, links, graphics, or even guiding them from side to side by website. The Live Chat explanation is provided on an Application Service Provider (ASP) source. This means there is no hardware to install, and you can get on track instantly. It can support hundreds of net chat rooms and thousands of guests without any lapse in response time.

How Live Chat works for fulfillment

  • Indulge the clients.
  • Help those who need it, get in touch with people on your website and blemish them in the right direction.
  • Most cases are resolved on spot, 8 out of 10 times the customer not even have to chase since the case have been resolved during chat.
  • Find out new opportunities by approaching clients directly on site
  • Keep pathway on the performance.

Live chat features which makes it exclusive

There are many features which make live chat very vital Chatting is simpler with Live Chat; your agents get all the tools and information they need to offer quick and painless customer service using live chat. You can literally take a look into your customers’ minds using live chat. Everything that customers are typing in is visible in the chat window even if they don’t send it over. Save time by creating canned responses for discount information, you’re pricing and links to specific places on your website. Tagging your chats will give you access to a whole new level of customer data, by adding a short ticket to a chat you will be able to come out statistics for a particular type of cases only. Both the agents and customers can use live chat to exchange files. No need to use pesky lines or emails attachments, simply drag and drop a file on the chat window. All chats are stored and can be accessed later on. Using rich filtering options, you will be able to rapidly find conversations that comprise a certain expression, were handled by a particular agent or happened during a specified time frame.

Why is Chatwoo the only chat alternative

Chatwoo gives you limitless chats and no questions asked. Now, nobody can stop you from engaging with your clients. There are many more features below which formulate chatwoo varied from any new chat option Chatwoo works across your entire internet properties. Built to empower your sales and support teams with precedence tiers, transfers, user roles, monitoring, reporting and team chats. Customize the whole lot! The chat window, agent photos, company logos, chat buttons, and agent greeting messages. Chatwoo will not impact your website's initial-load performance thanks to synchronous loading.