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The online media has almost filled the gap between big and small businesses, especially in the Hosting world. Traditionally big ones outpower their small competitors by investing hugely in traditional media. Now, as Internet and web hosting is affordable and within reach of budgets of small businesses. It is utilized efficiently to gain local and global customers. In this social media has come out as an essential tool for sharing product information and getting feedback or comments. With smartphones, it is easy to create videos or podcasts to disseminate valuable information., listing hosting companies and asking visitors to share their reviews, comments, feedback or experiences is getting much attention. The hosting companies are getting information about the issues that reflect poorly on their business. The companies are taking it positively, to resolve the problems regarding services and also appreciating feedbacks. Thus, helping them to recover former clients and attract new customers.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Live Chat Software

live chat software

Live chat is popular online customer service software along with live support, web analytic and help desk software capabilities launched in 2002. It is offered in software as a service (SaaS), well-known business model by Live chat software. Nowadays online companies use LiveChat to manage through one software all online sales and customer service activities which basically are offered by using various channels such as social media, email or chat and multiple tools also. Through this software, you can interact with your website’s visitor via instant messaging. Live chat is easily accessible and provides quick answers on the website. Consumer can use this software on a tablet, Smartphone and desktop. For this software, place doesn’t matter. It provides quick and direct assistance to the customers. Moreover, chat support helps in tracking connections with users and gain valuable insights. Many live chat software offers traffic analysis and visitor monitoring.

Live Chat Software: Features

Online chat provides an ability to track interactions with the customers and offers powerful data which helps in growth of the business. Therefore, this software is developed to support the most of your live chat software and providing users with real-time support. Here are some features of Live chat software:

Chat Invitation

Chat Invitation allows you to reach out visitors on the website before they come and ask for help. This leads to open the door of communication with potential users and visitors.

Chat History and Visitor Identification

You can ask the customer for any assistance, if you notice that someone has visited your website again. Check statistics regarding when user last visited, what pages they visited and how long they spent on those pages. This software includes visitor chat history also that allows viewing previous chats. This feature identifies user’s needs, so that you can provide them personalized support.

Visitor Monitoring

This feature comes with visitor’s IP address, host name, country, type of web browser and page visited. Through visitor monitoring, you can get valuable information that can use to develop more marketing strategies.

Software Pricing

Its pricing depends on a number of agents operating the software monthly. Generally, providers charge per month per customer service agent. Payment on annual basis, fee is often lower. On a month to month payment option you can leave services if you no longer require. However, you have to pay little higher for this.

Customer Chat

Another major consideration for live chat support is what type of services is available to the users. Today’s every customer wants more than just instant messaging. Therefore, many service providers offer you to share documents with the users. Best software provides co web browsing that allows operator to take users directly to web page instead of sending link.

No Language Barriers

Another important feature of chat support is translation services. So now communications are not limited by language barriers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics takes live chat data and supports you to use it for keyword tracking and marketing campaigns.


Basically, Live chat is a proprietary software built with the help of multiple technologies such as MySql, JavaScript, C++, Node.js, and Erlang. There are two ways of doing online chat between agent and visitor, that is: Passive communication that started when visitor clicks on chat button or widget displayed on the page. Active communication that is started automatically by Live chat system or manually as soon as visitor meets the predefined criteria. This will result in increased conversion rate.


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