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The online media has almost filled the gap between big and small businesses, especially in the Hosting world. Traditionally big ones outpower their small competitors by investing hugely in traditional media. Now, as Internet and web hosting is affordable and within reach of budgets of small businesses. It is utilized efficiently to gain local and global customers. In this social media has come out as an essential tool for sharing product information and getting feedback or comments. With smartphones, it is easy to create videos or podcasts to disseminate valuable information., listing hosting companies and asking visitors to share their reviews, comments, feedback or experiences is getting much attention. The hosting companies are getting information about the issues that reflect poorly on their business. The companies are taking it positively, to resolve the problems regarding services and also appreciating feedbacks. Thus, helping them to recover former clients and attract new customers.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Can i really make it online on the internet

For some six years now I have been designing and marketing websites, setting up cgi, php and just about any newsletters and articles that you can think of or so it seems. I started out in it as a part time business on the Internet , and soon realised that I could make a career out of hosting. It has been somewhat ofa roller-coaster ride you can say so far with it's fair share of ups and downs on the Internet. 
I did think for awhile, is it ever going to work, will I ever have a good web hosting business. Back then when I first started out, I soon learn't the hard way that all that was just a myth and Internet Webhosting was hard. I was even scammed more than twice on the net , falling to some "get rich" scheme which was full of nothing but hype. You can say we all have seen this on the net

Soon after I realise what the internet was about with all those scams and schemes. But that is not truly the hard part. The part of it where you have to work hard to achieve what you want, the part of it where you have to go months or years without success before you finally find a good Website hosting company. The internet is not much different from the offline world, only that it is cheaper to go into an Internet Webhosting business and were you are open 24/7. Well at least I try very hard to stay open 24/7 and when I can afford to get someone I will.

But one has to work just as hard and I have received my fair share of success for Webhosting. It wasn't easy to reach where I am right now, I had to deal with rejection , setbacks , lack of capital and a lot of other obstacles most of which were unforeseen. But without those obstacles in my way I wouldn't be were I am right now.

For those who are just starting their Internet business , you have to be willing to make mistakes and suffer setbacks and rejections if you are going to stand a chance of success with web hosting. I know as I have been there and it is very hard work. Being and having persistence will get you a long way in this business. Don't take my word for it, get a plan from us and try it out for 30 days and if you don't like it I give you your money back and that is a fact.

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