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Saturday, 5 May 2018

.in aftermarket prices

There are some LLL .in domains available. I think .in aftermarket prices will be going up very quick!
I think u r right because India's economy is booming.
I think india .com is growth but ltd .in maybe after this wave
Only 3% or so of India is english speaking. That's still over 30 million people, but a far cry from 1 billion. It's still a nice extension and probably a good mid to long term bet.
India has more people who speak or understand english than any other single country in the world. That would make sense being they were a former British colony.
Still there are premium domains are available ??
200 premium and some thousands low-quality like zxj domains are available.
The sheer size of the economy is probably not that important.
What is important is the work ethic, biz traditions, stable financial institutions.
India is lacking all those.
The really bright Indian kids from the low castes have zero chance to make it good.
Instead - they go to UK or US.
The maharajas are loaded & fat & somewhat foolish. But they control the country.
On top of that: Both India & China are going to experience the extreme social unrest for generations to come. Both of these countries are practicing selective abortions (mostly girls). As a result, the ratio of boys to girls will be around 70/30 in India and 60/40 in China.
Good luck there with your investments.
Iraq anybody?
I might be interested in regging a few but please be aware while India may have the growth, the people, the money, the economy it lacks infrastructure to support the internet growth it needs to compete with developed countries, even China lags here. USA, Germany,UK, even Norway and Sweden are way ahead because of infrastructure not economy as it relates to the internet & domains so it's something to consider when buying domains with the .in ext.

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